Mar 06, 2015:

The epic winter of 2015 just keeps rolling along. We scored 7-9" of new snow so far this week. Skiers today will enjoy soft, packed powder conditions along with sunny skies and temps in the teens. The main mountain trails are nicely moguled with soft turns especially in the troughs and on the tops. There are plenty of freshies to be found all over the hill (along the edges and in the trees) and you don't even have to poke around all that much. Overnight a very nice selection of our novice and intermediate trails had the corduroy carpet laid upon by our fleet of cats. Skiers today will have access to 100% of our legendary terrain serviced by the Single Chair, the Practice Slope and Sunnyside Double from 9:00 AM until 4 PM while the Callie's Corner Handle Tow will operate from 10 to 3.  


2nd leg of the Triple Crown - The Vertical Challenge - is Today!


40th Annual North American Telemark Festival This Weeekend!

MAD FReshies!


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